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How Does Yerba Mate Tea Help You Lose Weight?

Yerba Mate tea has been a popular drink in South America for centuries and officially rose to become the favorite herbal tea in the world, especially for those who want to lose weight friendly.

Yerba mate is of natural origin, dried and brewed with boiling water like most other herbs. It can be drunk hot or cold as you like but the interesting thing is that either way, it works as a very effective, fast body fat burner. That’s why many people love Yerba mate so much.

So far, there have been many celebrities using and loving Yerba Mate. First, we must mention the name Viggo Peter Mortensen Jr. This is a Danish-American actor, author, musician, photographer, poet, and painter. He is best known for his role as “Son of Arathon” in Peter Jackson’s epic.

Former US President Barack Obama also uses Yerba Mate as a daily drink.

In particular, in most matches, Argentine players, famously Messi, have their own Yerba Mate bottle. Because it will energize both mentally and physically for the players.
Even famous politicians like Hillary Clinton, Che Guevara, Jose Mujica, … can not deny the attraction of this drink.

Will yerba mate help you lose weight?

Animal studies show that yerba mate can reduce appetite and boost metabolism, which in turn may help with weight loss. Human studies have also shown that yerba mate can increase fat stores for burning energy.

Specifically, in a 12-week study in overweight people, they were given 3 grams of yerba mate powder per day. The results showed that the average weight loss was 0.7 kg. They also reduced their waist-to-hip ratio by 2%, which also caused the belly fat to disappear.

According to researchers, yerba mate is a diuretic and purifying herbal tea, so it prevents water retention in the body. Also, like all caffeinated beverages, mate boosts metabolism and causes the body to use more energy (which helps with fat-burning).

How Does Yerba Mate Tea Help You Lose Weight?

Perhaps the most direct effect of yerba mate tea on weight loss is satiety. This leaves you feeling satisfied and not having frequent cravings. In particular, the compounds in yerba mate prevent the accumulation of lactic acid in the muscles, helping to increase exercise and sports performance, helping you to burn more energy.
Some opinions also suggest that yerba mate tea has a relaxing effect on the mind. From there, limit emotional eating and prevent you from eating more than your body needs.

Yerba Mate Tea Helps You Burn Fat Faster

Just enough caffeine to increase exercise performance

An ingredient in yerba maté called mateine is what causes the body to initiate the fat-burning process faster than other beverages. In a 2001 study, participants who took yerba mate for 45 consecutive days reported significant weight loss and described that they were fuller faster after a meal.

Enhance exercise performance

With that said, the compound in yerba mate tea prevents the accumulation of lactic acid in the muscles, improves muscle contraction, and reduces fatigue. All of this helps you train more aggressively.

Helps you feel full faster

Mate helps you control portion sizes in the best possible way as you will be able to feel full faster and help stop cravings.

How Does Yerba Mate Tea Help You Lose Weight?

Other health benefits of yerba mate

Yerba mate helps you lose weight friendly

Yerba Mate boosts your energy, increases your ability to focus
Grown in South American countries like Argentina and Chile, yerba maté contains compounds called xanthines, which boost energy and fight fatigue and increase focus. This is a great natural alternative to coffee or other caffeinated beverages, which are loaded with unhealthy calories.

Helps deliver oxygen to the heart

The well-known herb enhances circulation and delivers more oxygen to your lungs and heart. These are both ideal benefits that you want your body to regenerate when working out, so be sure to drink plenty before hitting the gym!

Helps boost immunity

Yerba mate has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, which can strengthen the body’s resistance.

Helps prevent heart disease

The antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and cholesterol-lowering properties of Yerba mate tea helps prevent cardiovascular disease effectively.

Helps prevent diabetes

Yerba mate tea can improve insulin sensitivity, control blood sugar. However, more human studies are needed to prove this benefit.

Helps with digestion

Yerba Mate is a gem for the digestive tract as it helps stimulate bowel movements and helps soften stools naturally. It especially helps with chronic or acute constipation. If your body’s digestion is going smoothly, your body will be less able to store fats and toxins that it doesn’t need.

Helps to select metabolism

Soaking Yerba Mate tea in boiling water for 3 to 5 minutes and then straining it through a sieve is the best way to get the most nutrients and weight loss benefits. Rich in minerals and antioxidants (if enjoyed without added sugar or dairy), Yerba mate boosts metabolism with ease.

Helps curb hunger

The more hungry you feel after a day, the more likely you are to choose unhealthy snacks or overeat. Yerba maté helps curb your appetite. Many locals refer to it as “drinking a salad”, which helps you feel full without the fat.

Yerba Mate breaks down carbohydrates

We may all love carb-friendly foods like bread, pasta, and rice, but we all know these foods aren’t ideal for weight loss. Taking yerba maté helps break down carbs into fat and sugar in the body thanks to its ability to maintain glycolysis for a longer period of time.

Help you sleep better

Yerba Mate also has the ability to balance sleep cycles, which your body needs to restore fitness and continue burning fat.

Helps relieve stress

Drinking yerba maté has a calming effect on the body. When you’re less stressed, you’re also less likely to overeat or make unhealthy food choices. Drinking at least two cups a day will help your anti-stress regimen work more fully.

How Does Yerba Mate Tea Help You Lose Weight?

Enjoying Yerba Mate South America means you are enjoying the cultural characteristics of a country, a continent. The way to brew Yerba Mate is as impressive as its essence and taste.

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