Top 10 Best Subwoofer Under $300

Top 10 Best Subwoofer Under $300

You are looking for a good and sleek electric subwoofer for karaoke, listening to music, watching movies, it will not be easy if this is your first time shopping. Worried about how to choose the best subwoofer under $300 or genuine at a reasonable price, and don’t want to buy cheap Chinese subwoofers. Refer to the Top 10 Best Electric Sub Speaker Models Currently voted by users.

There are many types of subwoofers out there with full models, capacities, brands … used in a variety of ways from singing karaoke, to listening to music, to equipment for your home theater. The current good subwoofer is a built-in type of power, regardless of the power of the amplifier or pusher, but only connected to get the output signal.

Therefore, the subwoofer gradually becomes an indispensable device and is the best solution to help you get a complete and better sound system.

Top 10 Best Subwoofers 2023

1. JBL Stage A120P Subwoofer.

Bass speaker diameter 30cm American brand

Elevate your home audio system, add bass to the sound of movies, music, and karaoke with the JBL Stage Series A120P Subwoofer. The A120P subwoofer features a 12″ polycellulose woofer and delivers 250W RMS max power, up to 500W peak power. With a frequency response of 32 Hz to 150 Hz, available in Pantone black or wood tone. , the A120P is suitable for any genre of movie room music, listening to music, or home karaoke.

2. Polkaudio PSW 111 Subwoofer

The Polkaudio PSW 111 performance is sure to satisfy all your usage needs. The speaker has an output 150-watt amplifier (300W at peak). The mouth of the bass speaker has a diameter of 25cm located in the center of the design. Helps increase sensitivity, causing the sound to be emitted immediately after connecting the TV to the Speaker for more realistic sound.

Top 10 Best Subwoofer Under $300 (2)

This is in the top of the best karaoke or home theater subwoofers. With a downward design, the sound achieves optimal performance and spreads throughout the room, providing a bass that is both soft and deep, but also powerful and powerful without distortion or breakage. Uninterrupted.

Box-shaped speaker with dimensions of 432 x 368 x 362mm with a weight of 15.2kg in luxurious black. The perfectly rounded corners bring an elegant, gentle look to the design. The entire barrel is covered with a layer of UV technology paint with 2 main tones of black and metallic silver, contributing to the luxury.

3. Jamo J-10-Blk Subwoofer.

Top 10 Best Subwoofer Under $300 (3)

The Jamo J10SUB Subwoofer is one of a range of subwoofers from Jamo that offers high value with a stylish aesthetic design to suit any space. Featuring a 25 cm diameter bass speaker, with up to 300W peak power, the J10 SUB delivers powerful and deep bass.

The Jamo J10 features a bass speaker with an aluminum-clad poly-fiber cone that makes the diaphragm light and stiff, with quick frequency response and minimal distortion. The amplifier is assembled according to a class D circuit, for high performance, clean sound, accurate bass reproduction. The speaker cabinet is made of MDF with a luxurious thin wooden outer shell.

4. Klipsch R120SW Sub Speaker.

r120sw 30cm Bass Type Subwoofer (American Brand)

The Klipsch R120SW Sub Speaker is a “brother of the same age” as the Klipsch R100SW Sub Speaker, both belonging to the versatile Sub speaker line. With an eye-catching design and modern technology, it delivers deep bass sound, making sure you enjoy the most perfect music and movie watching.

The R120SW Sub speaker is designed with a high-quality and thick MDF cabinet. Aim to reduce the vibration of the sound emitted. The maximum speaker power is up to 600W, for deep bass and high sound performance, and the frequency response at 24Hz -125Hz helps to accurately reproduce every sound detail.

5. Subwoofer Yamaha SW300.


Bass speaker diameter 25 Japanese brands.

The Yamaha NS SW300 subwoofer conquers customers not only by its impressive sound quality but also by its luxurious and eye-catching design with the dominant glossy black color. The latest technology that cannot be mentioned is the Twisted Flare Port that Yamaha integrates for crisp and tight bass.

10” cone woofer (bass) with the square wire voice coil. High-efficiency PWM amplifier and dual feedback circuit provide stable output power that can reach a max of 250 W with high efficiency while minimizing power consumption and heat generation. The NS SW300 subwoofer has a compact design that is easy to move and install in any position of the house. Belonging to the high-end power subline, it is very easy to be compatible with many types of audio equipment.

6. Klipsch SPL120 Sub Speaker.

spl120 Paramax electric subwoofer with Bass speaker diameter 30: (American brand) >>> See price: Klipsch SPL 120 electric Sub

The Klipsch SPL-120 electric Sub has a Bass Reflex cabinet style for pure and vivid bass, the front vent allows you to place the speaker near the wall without worrying about reverberation as much as the rear vent design. The Bass speaker’s diameter of 30cm in metallic bronze color has created a luxurious highlight for Sub Klipsch SPL-120. The Cerametallic™ driver with the copper coating is light and stiff, ensuring extremely fast signal response, concentrically scratched to minimize diffraction interference sound waves on the speaker surface and resist wear.

It is not difficult for you to feel that the Klipsch SPL-120 is a real subwoofer for listening to music, sub for watching movies, for real high-end karaoke at first sight. The elegant and sophisticated personality highlight of the Klipsch SPL-120 is the metallic copper-colored Bass.

7. Paramax SUB 2000 Sub Speaker.


The Paramax Sub2000 is the latest subwoofer model introduced to customers in 2018. Paramax Sub2000 is the successful continuation of the very successful sub-models on the market such as SUB600, SUB1000. With a compact design and powerful bass, now the bass in a karaoke system or listening to music or watching movies will have depth and realism.

The application of advanced technologies in the audio field also contributes to the perfect bass for the SUB2000 Black. A 30 cm diameter Bass speaker with a diaphragm made of pure aluminum coated with an anodized copper color both enhances the aesthetics and helps increase the durability of the product.

The Paramax Sub2000 Black subwoofer is very easy to combine with different sound systems, so it is trusted by many people.

8. JBL Arena SUB100 Sub Speaker.



Bass speaker diameter 25 cm American brand

JBL built a sound system and called it Arena with outstanding features of extremely powerful bass. With a modern, youthful design, excellent sound quality with strong, strong bass, JBL Arena becomes an indispensable device in any professional sound system.

You should refer to the top 10 subwoofers in 2023

JBL Arena SUB100 with premium polycellulose woofer with 10-inch (250mm) bass and dual tailgate for optimized bass performance. The 100ms RMS (200Watt) digital power amplifier, featuring unobtrusive rear-mounted controls allows for easy setup and seamless integration into your sound system. Two rear ports help optimize airflow while reducing port swing and sonic distortion in bass response.

9. Subwoofer Yamaha SW200

The Yamaha NS SW200 Subwoofer is a perfectly designed product that combines premium performance and beauty, introducing new technology, Twisted Flare Port, for clear and tight bass. A subwoofer will pair well with the speakers in the home karaoke system and the room’s interior.


Compact 20 cm bass suitable for small room space Japanese brand, manufactured in Indonesia. >>> See details: Sub speaker Yamaha NS SW200

The built-in power amplifier provides a stable output of 130 W with high efficiency while minimizing power consumption and heat production. Advanced YST II (Yamaha Active Servo Technology II), more accurate and stable frequency response, not to mention higher volumes, for more natural and powerful bass reproduction.


The YAMAHA NS-SW050BL subwoofer is a product of a genuine Yamaha corporation which is famous for electronics and sound. The speaker has a capacity of 270W and a superior sensitivity of up to 91 dB. When connected to Samsung TV with external speakers, computer, USB card …YAMAHA NS-SW050BL will bring you extremely high-quality vocals, also moments of great music enjoyment.

Active Servo technology integrated inside combines with an amplifier to create powerful bass in just a small cabinet. In addition, the speaker is designed with a 360-degree square speaker cone. The speaker unit has dimensions of 372 x 400 x 428 mm with a weight of only 20kg, making it quick and easy to move.

How we Rank Best Subwoofer

In fact, there are many different types of subwoofers out there, but they are not included in the article for the following reasons:

  • It is not imported officially, so it cannot be counted.
  • Not famous brands in the world and US or UK.
  • Not genuine goods, fake goods are not counted.
  • There is no official Retailer in the US or UK.
  • Not the Power Subwoofer, so no statistics (Steam Sub, no power included).
  • The article is based on quantity, and reasonable prices(Under $300), not compared with Hi-End subs with sky-high prices.

If economic conditions allow, be a smart consumer, choose genuine goods or good electric subwoofers to bring the best experience, don’t trust the sellers, go to the places that sell them. reputable shop to have real experience and listen to their own choices.

What is a subwoofer used for?

What is Subwoofer?

The subwoofer was born in 1960 and is popular all over the world. Today, subwoofers have many preeminent features and are used in cinemas, stages, bars … and in every home.

What is a subwoofer used for?

When used and installed correctly, a subwoofer will maximize its amazing capabilities. A good subwoofer system will provide excellent sound quality and accuracy. Vibrant in every pitch and clearer.

Users can easily add the capacity that best suits their system. Thanks to a dedicated box set that can handle bass from satellite speakers. Helps to adjust the sound energy at a sufficient level or as loud as you like.

Besides, this type of speaker has a large capacity but saves energy. Help users prolong the use time and save maximum electricity costs.

  • Active speaker: also known as electric sub This type of speaker has a built-in amplifier system. Users only need to broadcast the signal directly without having to go through any other 3rd device. Because of this convenience in use, it is the most commonly used type today. Active subwoofers often appear in home karaoke systems.
  • Passive speakers: are also known as passive subs or vapor subs The passive subwoofer is like a regular speaker. You need the amp to have the required power for the new bass to create around and deep sound. It requires the user to have a basic knowledge of matching according to the specifications. To properly align the amp to suit, create the best sound. In terms of design, the subwoofer consists of 3 types: boxed, with holes, and isostatic.
  • Isometric subwoofer: Designed with 2 speakers next to each other right on the head. This helps the emitted sound waves to collide with each other in a narrow area. They create a great resonance that delivers strong and solid bass. Speakers are only used in large public buildings. Typically stages or bars.
  • The subwoofer in the box: Possesses an appearance similar to today’s common cabinet speakers. The design consists of a sealed box and a small speaker line where the sound exits.
  • Subwoofer with holes: There is a small hole on the speaker’s body for the sound to come out. It is this design that helps the low notes to be the most complete, creating great sound levels for the living space.

Subwoofer Buying Guide

1. Subwoofer bass frequency

The best recommended standard sound level for the human ear is 120-200 Hz. However, when buying home karaoke subwoofers, you need to pay attention to the bass frequencies. Have to check to see how much depth it can reach, to match the current home stereo system in use. Average low range level between 42-70Hz

2. Dimensions of the subwoofer

Depending on the type of speaker as well as the purpose of use, refer to the selection of 5 home karaoke speakers with standard sound or configuration, different sizes, so that it fits the size of the room.

A large room should install large speakers and vice versa. This is the basic principle that should be understood in speaker selection. However, if the speaker you want to buy has a volume control knob and frequency range, you can still choose to buy a subwoofer that is functional but has a large area compared to living space.

3. The harmony between the subwoofer and other speakers in the system

The harmony of the karaoke subwoofer with other speakers in the system is essential. This helps to overcome their limitations as well as maximize their available advantages.

Wanting the speaker to produce more treble and lively bass requires a speaker with a large size and volume. At the same time, the subwoofer also needs a large capacity to create depth and power.

4. Subwoofer placement

Choosing the location and how to install the subwoofer is relatively difficult. It is imperative that buyers have basic knowledge or get the assistance of installation professionals. Because small mistakes in this can affect the signal and the sound of the speaker. Causes wear and tear and many people can’t hear well-rounded words and sounds.

For small speakers with a diameter of less than 20cm, the best position is in front of the main or center speaker. This distance helps the Bass to blend more harmoniously with the main sound, creating more attractiveness and charm. If your subwoofer is large, this installation will become much simpler. You can move around the room to find the most suitable location.

5. Speaker power needs to match the room area

The area of ​​the room is a decisive factor in the volume and bass of the speaker. So each different space will have a different way of choosing a subwoofer.

For rooms with an area of ​​​​over 25m2, 2 sets of full speakers should be used. For a smaller area, just 1 pair of full speakers is enough. However, this technique requires more than just sizing. Therefore, you should consult with an expert to be able to install the best speaker set for your living place.

6. Quality Brand

When buying, many people often choose the brand as a way to ensure the quality of the product. The big names in the industry are the names that consumers trust. In particular, the big names specializing in providing the best karaoke subwoofers today can be named: Paramax audio equipment brand, JBJ, AAD, BMB, CAF, RCF, Yamaha, Martin…

Products at these brands are always appreciated for their quality as well as aesthetics in design. Not only brings good sound quality but also contributes to adorning the space with more class and luxury.

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