Should you buy a screen protector/cover for MacBook?

Should you buy a screen protector/cover for MacBook?

The Macbook screen after a period of use will have the phenomenon of peeling off the anti-glare layer. In addition, the screen is also very susceptible to dirt, front ceiling, and corrosion. Doing so will worsen your Macbook and at the same time can also affect your eyes.

Many people will think of bringing Macbook to repair centers to replace genuine Macbook screen. However, the cost of replacing the Macbook screen will be very high. Therefore, a better way is to use a screen protector for the Macbook to help protect the screen from corrosive substances, dust, scratches, …

The multi-layer screen protector not only protects the screen of your beloved Macbook but also protects your eyes well.

Are you worried that if you put the screen protector on your Macbook, the resolution will be reduced, should you use a screen protector for the MacBook screen or not, or how long will it take to change the screen protector, is Macbook full-screen protector really good or not? All your questions will be fully answered through the article below!

Common errors when using the MacBook screen for a long time

Anti-Reflective Coating Issues

The first is the Anti-Reflective layer issues, due to Apple’s too thin screen design, plus the process of using the screen with friction with the keyboard makes the screen dirty. At this time, you will use a towel to wipe, which will gradually affect the anti-glare layer of the device.

This will look like the picture. Looks pretty annoying, doesn’t it?

Anti-Reflective Coating

However, users do not leave Apple alone about this error. More than 1 million people have complained about this error and have the screen replaced by Apple. However, Apple only handles machines from 2017 and above, 2016 and later models are not eligible for free screen replacement by Apple.

Therefore, if you are using a MacBook from 2017 onwards, you can paste it or not, depending on you. For those of you who are using MacBooks since 2016 or later, Golden Laptop recommends investing in a screen protector to protect the screen.

External factors

During use, sometimes you will encounter situations where hard objects accidentally hit the screen or anything touched. If the screen is not protected by the screen protector, the screen damage rate will be quite high.

Pros of MacBook Screen Protector

Anti-scratch for MacBook screen

As mentioned in section 1.2 above, the MacBook screen protector can protect your screen against scratches during use, if the screen protector is scratched too much you simply need to replace it with a new one, if the screen If you scratch, it will cost you over 10 million to change the screen or “live with the flood”.

Easier to clean

The MacBook screen is quite picky with the cleaning cloth, so it is necessary to use a gentle cotton cloth. However, with the screen protector, you only need a soft Cotton cloth or something soft to wipe off the dirt on the screen…


Genuine screen protectors have pretty good waterproofing ability. The screen protectors of JCPal, Mocoll are quite waterproof. If you accidentally spill water on the screen, you can comfortably wipe it without fear of affecting the LEDs or the screen.

Minimize fingerprints

A nightmare for Apple fans using MacBook is that the screen clings to fingerprints, which is difficult to clean. I am also quite annoyed when someone touches the screen with their hand because it will leave fingerprints on the screen.

With screen protectors, this nuisance is also easy to remove because you can easily wipe away those annoying fingerprints.

Easy to replace

A few hundred pieces, so if any of them are damaged, you can remove them and replace them easily. The replacement process only takes a few minutes.

Paste the screen without reducing the resolution

Quite a few of you are worried about the problem of reducing the screen’s resolution, so it is not 100% correct to not paste it. Because the screen protector is highly transparent, the reduction in resolution is quite small, if there is only 3-5% this is negligible.

The experience before and after gluing is not too different, but it is very beneficial, so Golden Laptop recommends you paste it to protect the MacBook screen.

How many screen protectors are there in the market

There are two main types of protectors:


This is the cheap type you often see on sidewalks, free phone shops, etc. This screen protector will use a layer of glue to cover the surface of the screen protector and put it directly on your screen. . This screen protector used for a long time will be yellowed, when removed, there is a risk of peeling off the anti-glare layer.


This is a product of the screen protector brands you often see such as JCPal, Mocoll, JRC, etc. This protector is usually thinner, harder, clearer, and uses a magnetic layer to put on the screen.

Conclusion: Should I buy a screen protector for my Retina MacBook Pro?

The answer is yes. Like the above, Protect the MacBook screen has quite a lot of benefits compared to the disadvantages that it brings. It helps protect the laptop as new, withstands direct impacts from the outside, and saves costs for users.

Questions & Answers

Q: How to choose a high-quality, high-quality Macbook screen protector?

Choosing the right screen protector for Macbook is extremely important, you can directly ask the consultant to choose the most suitable one. Here are 4 standard criteria for choosing a screen protector:

In addition, you can also choose the 5-in-1 full JRC screen protector combo to fully paste the Macbook. Especially with the genuine Macbook screen protector, JRC will not use glue to stick the screen protector to the screen but use magnetism to inhale because luckily you can put it and remove it at any time without affecting it. computer screen. The durability of the Macbook JRC screen protector is up to 5-7 years.

Q: Does Apple recommend screen protectors and is it safe to use screen protector/cover for MacBook Air and Pro?

Apple doesn’t directly recommend using screen protectors. However, Apple sells Kensington magnetic privacy screens for MacBook 13 inches and 15 inches. These also have Retina displays. So I think this means it is safe to use the protector for your Macbook Air or Pro, even for the M1.

Q: Where to get a Macbook Screen Protector?

You can go to any local Laptop repair service store or purchase online from Amazon, etc to put it on your Macbook by yourself.

Q: When to Replace a Macbook Screen Protector?

After you put a Screen Protector on, You should replace it after 4-5 Months of uses

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