5 Hottest Things about Beats Studio Buds: Best In-Ear Headphones

5 Hottest Things about Beats Studio Buds: Best In-Ear Headphones

The design makeover will help Beats Studio Buds take full advantage of technology to capture the attention of customers, especially when this product strikes the perfect balance between price and technology.

With the following advantages, in the near future we may see Beats Studio Buds rise to become a new star of True Wireless Earbuds out there – which is showing fiercer competition than ever after the success of the company of Apple AirPods.

Here is our side-by-side comparison between Beats Studio Buds and AirPods Pro:

 Beats Studio BudsAirpods Pro
Ear-detection, Auto-pause/play
Sweat and Water-Resistant
Track with Find My
Active noise cancellation (ANC)
Transparency mode
Spatial Audio✅ without head tracking✅ with head tracking
Instant One-touch pairing
Auto device switching
“Hey Siri” support
Blutooth 5.0
Beats Studio Buds vs AirPods Pro

Sophisticated Design with Bold Personality

Since going home with Apple after a $3 billion merger in 2014. Beats and Apple have regularly swapped technology to come up with better products. But for the past 6 years, this cult audio brand has remained the same way of designing “string” or “ear hook” to produce in-ear headphones.

Design with personality
Design with personality

Beats Studio Buds is the first product that marks a transformation in appearance. Looking at the device’s design, we see many silhouettes of AirPods Pro with a neat and elongated charging case, status LEDs and the familiar in-ear design. But Beats still knows how to “blow” its own substance into the way of product shaping when offering personality color choices such as Red and Black.

In addition, the structure on both sides of the headset also shows the youthful street style of Beats. In particular, the pill-shaped house creates a different highlight compared to most products on the market. The operating mechanism based on physical keystrokes instead of touch is very suitable for young people – those who lead an active lifestyle and often mistakenly touch the headset.

Reproduce the Characteristic Powerful Sound Quality

Beats owns a large number of loyal customers thanks to the youthful style and powerful sound that has become a trademark. Studio Buds have fully inherited this unique character to create a sound experience that is well balanced and clear across the frequency range.

Lebron James wearing White Beats Studio Buds
Lebron James wearing White Beats Studio Buds

Beats has done a great job in boosting the bass and Treble of Studio Buds to optimize the experience of fast-paced electronic music – which is the taste of the main audience. However, if you are a lover of other music genres and still love the style and technology of Beats Studio Buds, you can still comfortably buy a device because in general, the ability to transmit music of the product is very impressive.

Best Budget ANC Earbuds

Beats Studio Buds start at $149.99 at launch. This is a price that makes many people admire because it is so reasonable compared to the strength of the Beats brand and the technologies that the manufacturer puts into the product with the focus on ANC.

Best budget Earbuds

Active Noise Cancellation ANC is an expensive, highly applicable technology that greatly enhances the experience on headphones when possible through an external microphone to cancel noise before it is transmitted to the listener’s ears. Currently, most True Wireless headset models with similar technology are priced at the same or higher price than Studio Buds. This is the point that will make many people consider when looking to buy.

Good support for both iPhone and Android

Beats Studio Buds go further than any other Apple headset in supporting Android users. The product uses a USB-C charging port that allows owners of Android phones to easily charge the battery when in use. Next is support for Fast Pair, which helps Beats Studio Buds automatically link to a Google account when the initial setup is complete.

You can also check the battery of each earbud and charging case in Android’s settings, and locate to find the location where the earbuds last paired with your phone. Apple even used photos of the Galaxy S21 to promote Studio Buds.

5 things that will make Beats Studio Buds the hottest True Wireless headset model in the coming time

In the opposite direction, Beats Studio Buds still shows perfect compatibility with iPhone when it is possible to call Siri virtual assistant through the voice command “Hey, Siri”. Like every other Apple headset, the Beats Studio Buds user is built directly into the Control Center on iOS. Here you can switch between ANC noise cancellation and Crosstalk.

With this advantage, Beats Studio Buds easily attracts both Android users and the iFan community. This creates a very large market for the Beats brand to have the opportunity to promote its full strength.

Beats by Dre overwhelming appeal

Founded in 2006 by Dr. Dre, Beats quickly became famous in the rapper world and then in the music-loving community thanks to the sound quality that matches the brand’s name. In addition, the youthful and stylish design also made Beats a part of street-culture in the late 2010s.

Beats by Dre's overwhelming appeal

It is the brand’s attraction that will contribute to the success of Beats Studio Buds in the near future. The designers cleverly put the signature letter “b” logo on the charging box as an affirmation of the attractiveness of the American audio technology company. The typical use of red color also contributes to building a fashion element that is lacking on most current True Wireless headphones.

Bottom Line

Currently, the price of Beats Studio Buds is only 149.95$ on Amazon. This is a great opportunity for you to own a True Wireless product that marks the turning point of Beats after 6 years. Stylish design, good sound quality, and affordable price. Don’t miss such a product.

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