Best Portable Voice Amplifier For Teachers: 5 Top Picks and Buying Guide

Best Portable Voice Amplifier For Teachers: 5 Top Picks and Buying Guide

Teachers, lecturers, or tour guides are those who constantly convey content and ideas to those around them through words, it is indispensable for a tool to support such as a Portable Voice Amplifier.

  • So How does a voice amplifier work?
  • Should I use a wired or wireless voice amplifier?
  • Or What is the best portable voice amplifier?

I will answer these questions in the article below, and help to choose the best Best Portable Voice Amplifier For your needs.

Top 5 Best Portable Voice Amplifier For Teachers in 2021

Shidu Bluetooth Voice Amplifier is a line of dedicated teaching assistants launched by the Shidu brand in early 2018 to meet the teaching needs of teachers.

Belonging to a wireless product line with many significant improvements.

Stand out thanks to its beautiful and eye-catching design with many colors for you to freely choose according to your personal preferences.

Not to mention the extremely light weight of only 156g and the compact size that makes it easy to carry with you anytime, anywhere for convenient use.

The case is made of luxurious ABS plastic, which is very resistant and scratch resistant.

Physical keys and LED display of battery capacity are designed right on the body to make it easy to observe and manipulate at work.

Equipped with a 2200mAh lithium battery that will meet the maximum operating time of about 12 hours continuously.

Besides, the device also has a built-in USB 2.0 port and supports 32GB TF memory card similar to the music player.

Possessing 2.4G digital wireless technology with 10W and 90Hz – 18KHz power and sound range respectively, it will deliver louder, clearer sound within a 100m2 range.

With UHF technology built into the machine, it can easily receive the audio signal from the wireless microphone and amplify it to ensure that within a maximum range of 40m2 listeners can still hear the sound clearly.

2. ZOWEETEK – Considerations

ZOWEETEK is also a quality teaching assistant that teachers can also consider to choose for themselves.

ZOWEETEK belongs to the line of mini teaching assistants but is equipped with a maximum capacity of 10 watts sound, can cover about 10000 sq.ft (1000 ㎡), loud enough to cover a big room, and has a large battery capacity of about 1,800mAh.

Basically, it will meet the needs of presentations in a classroom of up to 100 people and last for 12 consecutive hours.

Convenient thanks to the support for memory card slot, USB flash drive playing and easy repeat single tune, loop all music, switch songs if needed.

Note: Currently on the market ZOWEETEK has 2 versions, one with integrated Wired and one with Wireless UHF transceiver technology.

In particular, the version using UHF technology will overcome some interference phenomena and limit the situation of howling and withdrawing sound.

3. SHIDU Mini Portable Voice Amplifier

Sony SHIDU Mini is a product that will support you effectively in conveying words and content to students, or other travelers thanks to its outstanding sound quality.

Part of that comes from the powerful operating power of 10W and the sound frequency range extending from 100Hz to 15kHz, provides a clear, natural and crystal voice, sounds coverage up to 10000 square feet, and ideal for a small or large group of 40-100 people.

The machine has a beautiful design, compact, and has a solid stand.

Constructed of 1 super durable ABS plastic body. Comes with a convenient battery charger, a wired microphone, and very easy to carry with the waistband.

With 1800 mAh lithium battery meets the needs of using up to 12 hours, the time to fully charge the battery is only about 3-5 hours.

The SHIDU Mini Portable Voice Amplifier is not only a product line with a modern design but also has excellent sound quality.

4. MAONO Mini Portable Voice Amplifier

If the need to use is simple and does not require too many features, the MAONO Mini Portable Voice Amplifier with a compact design and quite a low price of only about $35 is completely suitable.

The MAONO Mini Portable Voice Amplifier is made with a lightweight and handy design thanks to the waistbelt, which teachers and tour guides can comfortably carry with them for use whether indoors or outdoor.

The sound is stable and loudness is up to 126dB. It can cover about 10000 sq. ft (1000 ㎡), loud enough to cover a big room. Basically, MAONO Mini is no different from a miniature professional amp.

Comes with a wired microphone that is able to connect well to speakers within a radius of 15m.

With a built-in 1500 mAh rechargeable lithium battery, Working time is up to 10 hours, Only needs 3~5 hours to fully charge it. The USB 2.0 port makes the device more diverse when it can be used as a portable speaker for entertainment needs.

5. SHIDU – S258 Portable Voice Amplifier

The SHIDU – S258 is a mid-range product from the SHIDU brand that is also being loved by many instructors.

This Portable Voice Amplifier is appreciated for its level of perfection, sleek design, and many eye-catching bright colors.

Similar to most teaching assistant product lines from the Shidu brand, SHIDU – S258 also possesses an ultra-lightweight of only 150g and a compact size, so it is convenient to carry with you when moving or lecturing to students.

Although the power is not too high, only about 10W, it still ensures clear sound quality and loud enough to cover a room with a large group of 25-100 people.

Supports TF card or USB flash disk to help you store many available lectures to play when needed.

The included wired microphone is effective in anti-howling, for up to 8-12 hours of use thanks to its 1800mAh built-in lithium battery.

Portable Voice Amplifier Buying Guide

As a device with a handy design, relatively quick sound amplification, and lightweight, it is considered an extremely effective solution to replace the very heavy and complex amplifier speaker system.

How does a voice amplifier work?

A voice amplifier is made up of 3 main parts: speakers, audio transceivers, and wireless microphones.

The working mechanism of the teaching assistant is to use the sound received from the wireless microphone to transmit it to the speaker for this system to process and then amplify it with a higher frequency to help distant listeners easily receive. messages are conveyed more clearly.

What is a voice amplifier used for?

  • A versatile device with a lightweight and compact design that allows you to take it with you wherever you go.
  • A voice amplifier is not only compact but also relatively cheaper than speaker systems and amps.
  • Thanks to its ability to amplify sound extremely well within a radius of 15-30m, it helps the speaker do not need to speak loudly but can still convey the message to the listener’s ears clearly and fully.
  • Because of that, it also minimizes some diseases such as hoarseness or sore throat due to talking too much and too loudly.
  • English teachers and lecturers can completely record English lectures at home and then go to class just to distribute them to students, which is also very convenient for students to listen to.

Who should buy a voice amplifier?

Portable Voice amplifiers are essential to our lives, but not everyone is suitable to use them. Here are some subjects that should consider owning a quality Voice Amplifier.

Teachers, lecturers: Sure, because this is their day job.

Therefore, if you are a teacher or lecturer at a university or college, a teaching assistant will be a great support tool to help you easily convey your content to all students. students, students in the classroom.

MC, tour guide: Compared to teachers, the nature of the work of tour guides is often very flexible because they have to move more.

When choosing teaching assistants, you should consider choosing machines that are light in weight and compact in size.

Salesperson: Similar to tour guides, salespeople in supermarkets, electronics is also a job that requires you to regularly communicate a lot of content to customers.

In particular, the space in the supermarket is often very large and the people passing by are always crowded.

If a machine has too low power, it is difficult to convey content to people far away. At this point, you may want to consider choosing high-capacity machines like the Aepel FC-730.

To answer this question, let’s find out what the difference is between wired and wireless teaching aids.

Wireless voice amplifier: This is a neat design, microphone and speaker are connected wirelessly based on FM frequency technology, Wireless network or the latest UHF ultra-high frequency technology.

Wired voice amplifier: With this type of teaching assistant, the microphone and speaker will be connected to each other through a wire to receive and broadcast sound waves.

This type is more inconvenient than the wireless type because you have to wear the device on your shoulder often but the price will be cheaper.

Experience choosing to buy the best voice amplifier

1. Compact, ergonomic design is a must

In general, teaching aids on the market today meet the criteria of compactness and light weight to help users easily carry with them. Not to mention, some have a strap so you can carry it on your shoulder when presenting outdoors, looking very stylish.

As for those who love beauty, the color of the machine is also very interested, the machines on the market use many different fashion tones from black, red, blue, pink to white … for you to have more choice.

2. Made from safe materials

This is an equally important criterion and the part that you need to pay attention to is the case. To ensure good bearing capacity and impact resistance when dropped, the teaching assistant case should be made from high-quality materials such as ABS or PC.

3. Isn’t big capacity always good?

Of course with a device used to amplify sound like a teaching assistant, you will want as much power as possible.

But sometimes it’s not the larger the power, the better the sound quality will be.

What we need is not only the sound quality when emitted from the teaching assistant must be loud, but also clear, natural and especially without the annoying howling or howling phenomenon.

4. Battery capacity is not too low

Similar to most other electronic devices, with teaching assistants, too, none of us want to have to constantly charge the battery for the machine continuously, which is very time-consuming and may interrupt the presentation.

We would like to advise you to choose the products introduced at the beginning, all of them have guaranteed you 10-20 hours of continuous use thanks to the large capacity lithium battery from 1,000 -2,500mAh.

5. How much does the teaching assistant cost?

Depending on the brand and wired or wireless design, teaching aids will have different prices, the most popular are cheap products of only about 500K to mid-range products of about 2 million. .

Particularly in the more advanced segment of about 4-10 million VND, you can also choose teaching assistants of Korean brands such as Aepel, Esfor or Apollo of China.

It doesn’t matter if it’s expensive or cheap as long as it’s within your budget.

6. Is the warranty period long?

The longest warranty period of teaching assistants is only about 2 years, the average is only about 12 months.


Surely through a rather detailed article like this, you have partly answered the question about which Portable Voice Amplifier For Teachers should be bought at an affordable price, right? As for me, the SHIDU M800 Bluetooth Voice Amplifier is still the best choice at the moment.

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