4 Best HR Software Applications for Start-ups 

4 Best HR Software-Applications-for-Start-ups

As technology in every industry is becoming more advanced to help workers and managers perform better with less effort, it’s no longer practical to stick to the traditional ways of how things work. 

The workflows must change to fit in with new strategies, as do the supporting technologies. Read on to find out how to utilize software applications for your start-ups to retain the best talents. 

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4 Top Tools That Help Employers Hire the Right Person

1. myInterview

Traditional Interviews Continue to Prevail

One vital process that many businesses remain conservative with is interviewing and hiring. Despite the “booming” development of artificial intelligence and video analytics, traditional recruiters tend to trust the so-called “old-fashioned” way of seeking talents – holding face-to-face conversations.

It makes sense since any conversation requiring interpersonal interaction, like an interview, should be carried out to allow the candidate to express their attitude, skills, and knowledge most subjectively and transparently possible.  

According to the world’s largest professional network – LinkedIn – we communicate more effectively using verbal and non-verbal signals like gestures, facial expressions, body language, and even appearance. But, of course, in a context other than a face-to-face meeting, it’s hard to get all those messages appropriately delivered.

On the other end of an interview, the employer must also personalize the hiring process depending on the candidate’s capabilities. A “one-size-fits-all” recruitment method never works; we all know about that. Entrusting a “senseless” machine to help us find a “sensible” candidate now isn’t a good idea.

Technology as the “New Face of Businesses” 

However, according to Forbes, technology isn’t just transforming the look and operation of businesses — it represents the businesses. Platforms and software applications are no longer playing an “auxiliary” role that companies may or may not have; these tools are now becoming indispensable for organizations of any size. 

On top of that, Forbes claims that video meetings are the closest, and perhaps second-to-best after face-to-face meetings, to social interaction. 

That’s why myInterview is designed to help businesses, especially start-ups, with the most fundamental part of talent acquisition. This HR software application for start-ups uses video meetings to find candidates most quickly and efficiently possible.

How Does myInterview Work?

This platform allows candidates to perform an AI-assisted, video-recording interview without the presence of the interviewer. Yes, you read that right! The interviewer’s role is minimized to “near zero” as now the only duty for a hiring procedure is setting up the questions before the interview. And the rest is waiting for the best prospects to come to your company’s door.

But, how can myInterview select the right person for you?

Artificial intelligence, machine learning, and video analytics are the primary capabilities of myInterview. This HR software application is programmed to analyze the most appropriate candidate according to the preset conditions, like soft skills and personality, and then automatically shortlist the top profiles. 

Is myInterview Accurate, Reliable, and Cost-effective?

What if I tell you that myInterview has had over 5 MILLIONS interviewing videos to date with a 91 PERCENT candidate completion rate? This novel approach to seeking talent also cuts down on time it takes for a single prospect to under 15 MINUTES – an industry record!

Matthew Greenburg, Global Senior Manager, Recruitment Operations at Agoda, says that myInterview has helped him and his duty as a recruiter with scheduling interviews across multiple time zones. This solution, therefore, improves the efficiency of Agoda’s screening process and simplifies the hiring procedure to the greatest extent possible.

Last but not least, myInterview is super economical and user-friendly. 

Why? It’s FREE! As myInterview promises on their website, the application has always been and will forever be free of charge. Well, at least for the basic STARTERS plan.

Of course, if you want to make the most out of the tool, you need to reach your pocket for a more upgraded version. The TEAM plan, which costs $179/month, is the most popular pricing plan that allows you to exploit most of its features while saving a considerable amount of money compared to the higher plans.

Check out the pricing plan comparison here to join thousands of like-minded professionals on myInterview and start video interviewing.





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