Why Is My Ping So High? [Solved] Quick Fix Ping Issues

Why Is My Ping So High? [Solved]Quick Fix Ping Issues

Sometimes we get high ping values on games or getting answers from websites takes more time and you wondering Why is my ping so high? There can be many reasons.

Here is how to detect the problem and fix the high ping:

Reason 1: Poor Wireless connection

If you use wireless, be sure close to your router. Long-distance, walls, other radio signals decrease your connection quality. Connecting to the internet with an ethernet cable is a good solution. It will decrease your ping.

Reason 2: DNS Cache problems

  1. Restart your router
  2. Press Windows+R type cmd, press Enter, open Command Prompt
  3. Type : ipconfig /flushdns
  4. Press Enter.

Reason 3: A background software uses the internet

Maybe other software uses your internet. To control that follow these steps ;

  1. Close all of your programs,
  2. Open the task manager and watch the wireless connection transfer graph.

If you close all programs, it should look like this ;

If much more than that open resource monitor and detect the program with high bandwidth usage ;

Uninstall or Disable the high bandwidth using programs. And check your ping again.

Reason 4: Other users on your internet

Shared connections increase your ping. Make sure your internet is not used by other computers. Maybe your router password was hacked. Change your router password.

Reason 5: Outdated network driver

Your network drivers are maybe outdated. Driver update steps ;

  1. Press Windows + R and type : devmgmt.msc
  2. Press Enter ;
  3. Find your network drivers (Under “Network Adapters” Tab.), right-click, and select Update driver.

Reason 6: Windows 10 updates peer-to-peer connection

Follow the steps to disable peer-to-peer connection:

  1. Click start,
  2. Click the settings icon,
  3. Select update and security,
  4. Choose windows update,
  5. Click advanced options,
  6. Scroll down, click delivery optimization,
  7. Turn off “allow downloads other pcs”

Reason 7: Firewall’s Antivirus software

Another reason why your ping is so high is because of the firewall’s Antivirus software.

Firewalls can slow down your internet connection with extra security processes.

Close your firewall and antivirus programs, and check your ping again.

Reason 8: Virus uses the internet

Maybe a virus uses your internet. You can find them with Reason 3 above.

Why is my ping so high?

Another problems:

  • DNS problem: Change your DNS to and and try again.If you use DNS disable it and try again.
  • Long-distance: Long geo distance also increases the ping. Select the closest server/site to your location.
  • Low internet bandwidth: Low internet bandwidth also increase ping.
  • Internet provider problem
  • Game server problem
  • Vpn: If you use VPN disable your VPN and try again.
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